Choir 17

Choir 17 is a friendly, uplifting and engaging mixed choir, based in Walthamstow.  We've been meeting every Wednesday evening at CentrE17 since Sep 2017 and we are a lively, fun group of around 40 singers of all abilities, connected by our two great loves: music and The Stow! 

We sing popular music, mostly from the 1970s to 2000s, with the odd golden oldie and modern classic thrown in. We sing great songs people will know, but not necessarily the songs you’d expect from a community choir.

The choir is led by Rosie Dow, who set up Choir 17 after a career working with choirs in the charity sector. Rosie is both a musician and a researcher, so as well as running choir sessions and workshops, she is also currently writing a research paper on the benefits of singing in choirs!  She's been involved in many studies that show how good singing is for your health: it relieves stress, gives us a sense of purpose and helps us to make friends. With all that in mind, our motto is that we aim to feel great as well as sound great.

We hope to bring our own brand of enjoyment and entertainment to the Garden Party, so will be singing a few of our favourite songs - audience participation is most welcome and is actively encouraged. Thanks so much to the Barbican and to our friends, families and followers for all your support.

If you're interested in joining this fab group, we'll be open to new members from 15th August 2018.  Head to our website for more details.