Byrd Out Limited: Philou Louzolo

Philou Louzolo, a vibrant human being showcasing a diverse sound: born and raised in between the forests and the salty ocean breeze of Southern Zeeland (The Netherlands). Blessed with deeply rooted ties to the townships of Sierra Leone, the jungle surrounding the Congo river and Nigeria – where the birth of Fela Kuti’s Afrobeat took place – his music sounds like Pan-African propaganda packed with sounds from urbanized cities, the Sahara and Africa’s many jungles.

He’s been making waves with a Mixtape for the Feel My Bicep guys (it’s #84), and getting airtime on BBC Radio 6 with Erol Alkan, and on BBC Radio 1 with Eats Everything, and playing Resident Advisor’s GAIN stage at DGTL in Amsterdam in March, and playing at Morocco's boundary-pushing Altas Electronic festival later this year.

Photo by Laisa Maria