Cirque de Surplus

Help create the biggest salad Walthamstow has ever seen! Performance troupe Cirque de Surplus need your assistance in The Giant Salad Toss. Join us for fruit kebab making and food resolution paper flag making. Look out for a three-legged carrot on the walkabout. Are you a little wonky? Bent to one side? Everyone is welcome at the Cirque de Surplus table. Participatory street theatre produced by This is Rubbish, a campaign for food waste reduction at all stages of the supply chain.

This activity will take place in the Artillery gazebo with breakout performances:

  • The Giant Salad Toss (location and timing to suit your schedule, but later in the day best so salad can be prepared).
  • Walkabout performers dressed as fruit and veg
  • Performance on the Dreamers and Diggers stage at 2.10pm

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Image credit: Alan Husband