Dao Lu Tai Chi Demo and Tryouts

Tai Chi combines deep breathing and relaxation with slow and graceful movements. It is also a “soft” martial arts. It helps people improve balance, coordination and concentration and learn self-defence skills.

We are going to stage a Tai Chi performance by our students of all ages and levels. We will then invite the public members to join in and have a go at Tai Chi!

Dao Lu C.I.C. is a community group based in Waltham Forest promoting and training Tai Chi in community places, nature reserve and local parks. Dao Lu particularly trains groups such as older people, girls and women, and disabled people. Dao Lu runs weekly sessions in Lloyd Park - Women's Tai Chi Corner every Friday and Senior Tai Chi Corner every Sunday.

For more information, Tel: 020 3670 3005 / Mob: 07713 152 999 (text only)

Email: [email protected], website: www.daolu.co.uk

Facebook: Dao Lu     Twitter: @DaoLuCIC

Image credit: Dao Lu