Future Band: A Space for Listening to the Clouds

We invite you to look up to the sky, feel the grass beneath your feet, and listen to the clouds...A space for listening to the clouds is a collaborative artwork created by members of the Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning ensemble Future Band, who are a group of young people from Waltham Forest aged 8 - 14. In addition, they've worked with students from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, instrumental teachers from Waltham Forest Music Service and visual artist Anne Harild.

Over the course of a series of workshops in Waltham Forest, the ensemble worked together to create visual designs, structural sculptures and musical and sonic content inspired by the environment of Lloyd Park, the philosphy of William Morris and the beauty and complexity fo the natural world.

The result is an installation which encourages visitors to take a moment away from the other sights and sounds of the Garden Party, and to enter a refelctive listening space where they can contemplate the world at slower pace...

Image Credit: Anne Harild