Giant Bird Puppet Making

The bird and wildlife population of Lloyd Park is set to grow! Swooping in for the Walthamstow Garden Party will be giant bird puppets - made by you!

Using willow, everyone is invited to work with guidance from artist Del Taylor to make magnificent birds - inspired by the wildlife in the illustrated spreads of Benji Davies’ Grandad’s Island picture book.

This workshop activity will be running in the days before the main event, on Thursday 11th July  and Friday 12th July - do come to Lloyd Park's Fellowship Island to join Del and help craft these winged creatures and help populate the Island over the 4 days.

There will be a procession of amazing creatures around Grandad's Island from on Saturday 13th July and Sunday 14th July  - please meet at the Nest at 4pm to join in.

Del Taylor is a local artist and works on socially engaging and collaborative works with the community.