The Quest For Fafnir The Dragon

Based on William Morris’ Icelandic Sagas, children are invited to enter into the world of Vikings, Dragons and Treasure through interactive storytelling, play and adventure, led by E17 Puppet Project...

Guided by Regin and her sister Otter participants work as a team to be trained into brave warriors, to reach and defeat the Dragon Fafnir and claim his coveted treasure. This is no easy feat! It is down to our brave warriors to solve riddles and hunt for missing pieces of the magic sword Gram, to travel through fire and ice, to cross rivers and climb mountains in order to reach the glittering heath where the battle for the treasure can commence.

Our warriors lead the story in deciding how we challenge the Dragon Fafnir, whether it be a duel, a race or a dancing competition. They offer suggestions as to what obstacles we may face on our journey to the heath, from trees made of ice, to a deadly fog or a chocolate swamp. After meeting and defeating Fafnir the warriors make the journey home to our storytellers, our guides Regin and Otter, to open the treasure and tell them all about their adventure.

Suitable for ages 2-6 years

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Image credit: Maddy Fogelman