Walthamstow Garden Party Video Campaign


We are creating a video which celebrates the most memorable moments of Walthamstow Garden Party 2019 by asking you to send in your videos from the weekend. 

All you need to do is: 

  • Come to the garden party
  • Add 079 2503 5864 as a contact on your phone
  • Film yourself, your friends, family and/ or your favourite moments at the garden party on your pone or camera
  • WhatsApp your videos to us on 079 2503 5864 or submit it here

This year we are asking everyone to send in their videos from Walthamstow garden party to be featured in the next campaign video for the festival. 

Some ideas - film your favourite areas, your favourite artists, unexpected moments, people dancing, having fun or anything you like over the weekend! Once we receive the videos we'll edit them together and make one huge community-powered film to share with everyone. 

By sending your videos you agree to have your footage processed, stored and broadcast for public use. Any sensitive data (e.g. phone number) will not be stored. Click here for full terms and conditions.